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The silent Moon-Cruiser roams across the rocky surface of the moon trying to find alien life forms but suddenly they come across a small structure is this alien inhabiated city?
The moon cruiser is a simple micro where small stud people can be put inside.This is excellent for small scene's and battles!

please support this if you like space adventures, aliens,space ships and planets because if you do this is the micro for you!

the inside of the cruiser where the people can be put inside.

Another picture of the inside of the cruiser with a person inside.

this is a small ship that people can not be put inside.

the city of aliens on the rough surface of the moon.

moon-cruiser £10.00-£15.00

alien raid £4.00-£5.00

space creativity centre £20.00-£30.00

alien patrol £5.00-£10.00

sorry about the bad pics plese support if you like it!

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