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Lego City Family Hotel

Of course Lego City has the spa, the ski resort, the fancy chalet, and even the bed and breakfast, but where is a family of four going to stay while on a budget? Introducing the Lego City Family Hotel. Complete with Complimentary Breakfast, Gym, Pool, Business Center, House Keeping and Snack Stand. Your choice of rooms include two double beds, one queen bed or even a suite with a king bed. Book your stay at the Lego City Family Hotel Today!

About the Model
This model is designed to match the layout of common family or budget hotels found throughout the US and would be a perfect addition to any Lego city or town set up as well as being a fully playable model on its own. In addition to the model being of a family hotel the construction is also family friendly. By using larger bricks and less complicated designs the model is intended to be built by kids as well as adults. The target age range for the design is 7+. However that does not mean it is a small build as it still comes in at slightly over 1000 bricks. The model is also mean to be very playable. With minifigures for business travelers, a family on vacation and hotel staff there is plenty to do in the 15 different playable areas (listed below) of the family hotel. If you need a place to stay in your Lego City or just want to have some fun pretending to travel please support the Lego City Family Hotel today!

Floor One
  1. Entrance Lobby with Welcome Desk and Snack Stand
  2. Gym
  3. Pool
  4. Elevator
  5. Kitchen
  6. Dining Area
  7. Stairs
  8. Laundry Room
  9. Office/ Business Center
Floor Two
  1. Double Room 1
  2. Queen Room 1
  3. Queen Room 2
  4. Double Room 2
  5. King Suite 1
  6. King Suite 2

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