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NASA Ingenuity

This is a model of the NASA ingenuity helicopter that flew on mars. Ingenuity was brought to mars together with the Perseverance rover and flew there for a grand total of 128 flying minutes across 72 flights and covered a distance of 17 kilometer. This model has about 160 pieces and has rotors that can be rotated independently of one another. The legs can be retracted and the model has all the details of the actual helicopter.

I was inspired to design this model thanks to the little ingenuity helicopter that was included with the official Lego perseverance set. I thought that this helicopter deserved its own set, because the flight of the ingenuity helicopter of mars was a landmark in space exploration, which deserves to be celebrated independently. I therefore made this larger model of the helicopter in the hopes that it will become an actual set.

I think it would make for a great addition to the series of NASA models that have already been released over the years, such as the Space Shuttle, the Saturnus V and the Perseverance rover. I hope this idea makes it to 10.000 votes, so this model can become a reality.

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