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My idea is a set of gold, silver and bronze medals to build and eventually customize.

It's composed of bronze, silver and gold colored pieces, both matte and shiny, as well as transparent. For a total of 148 pieces, of which 51 for the gold medal, 49 for the silver and 48 for the bronze.

Each of them has a typical LEGO brick that stands out from the medal. This brick is colored in shiny gold, silver or bronze (or maybe one day with real gold, silver and bronze, who knows ;) ).

There is also the possibility to put the medals around the neck with a ribbon that hangs from the top of the medal. (see picture 2)

Finally, on the back of the medal, there is a plate 100% customizable with stickers for example on which there can be the name of the event, the date, the name of the winner or other. (see pictures 10,11,12)

This set is designed to reward future champions in a creative way. (for all the editions of LEGO contests for example).

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