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Stackable 3D Sierpinski Triangle

Have you ever imagined making a massive LEGO creation using only one kind of piece? 

What is the Sierpinski Triangle?
The Sierpinski Triangle is a fun geometric concept where triangles fit inside the spaces of other triangles and creates this mesmerizing fractal design. It's a phenomena that teaches others about geometry and patterns in a very artistic way. 

How is this LEGO version built?
This LEGO version is built using only a single kind of LEGO piece, the Lamp Holder (Design Number: 4081). When this piece is endlessly placed onto the sides of the ring, it naturally creates this Sierpinski Triangle because of the availability of the studs on the ring. Some of the studs get closed off because it's adjacent to another lamp holder that won't fit another Lamp Holder. 

What is the proposed outcome of this LEGO Ideas project?
The proposal for this set will include a Stackable 3D Sierpinski Triangle, approximately 16 studs wide, 16 studs long, and 32 studs tall. This project uses 1,063 1x1 Lamp Holder elements. This project is stackable, meaning that if you purchase five of these sets, you can extend it even larger as shown in the pictures. 

Why is this a great LEGO Ideas project? 
I think this would be a great LEGO set because it is a very unique, educational, and complex idea.
  • Educators and teachers may find this interesting for teaching lessons about geometry and math to get students involved in a fun mathematical LEGO activity.
  • It is also a very impressive LEGO art sculpture, even for those who are not interested in the math behind it.
  • Fans of LEGO may see this as one of the ultimate LEGO building challenges of putting together a thousand of the same piece over and over again, as well as the chance to get some Lamp Holders in some unique colors.
  • Most importantly, I think lots of LEGO Fans may find some kind of beauty in this set seeing that this particular LEGO piece, the Lamp Holder, has a mathematically and naturally occurring LEGO property of resembling the Sierpinski Triangle. The Lamp Holder was designed to hold lamps, but I wonder if the designer of this element knew it could work like this! 

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