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Do you want to outwit your friends, conquer new lands and have hours of fun? Then Militarium is for you!


Militarium would make a great Lego set because it is an enjoyable, strategic, family board game of skill and chance.


Militarium includes:

A 48x48 baseplate with 34 territories

3 attacking dice

2 defending dice

1 territorial die

1 brick separator 

40 infantry for each colour (studs)

14 cavalry for each colour (jumper plate and stud)

10 artillery for each colour (large stud)

12 storage boxes with removable lid, three for each colour and minifigure models to show what each playing piece represents 



The aim of the game is to conquer as many territories as possible and have fun. MIlitarium is designed for 2-4 players, though teams of 2 are possible. Play continues for as long as players wish, or until all the territories are conquered by a player.



Militarium includes 4 teams representing the colonising nations of the Age of Exploration (1500s-1700s)

There is: England (red), France (dark blue) Spain (yellowish-white) and Portugal (dark green)


Playing Pieces:

1 stud represents 1 infantry soldier

1 jumper plate with stud represents cavalry, which is the equivalent of 5 soldiers

1 large stud represents artillery, which is the equivalent of 10 soldiers


Setup and Territories

After deciding who will play as what team, players each role the territorial die (the one with the colours matching those on the board). There are 4 colours; brown, tan (sand),light green and green, and there are 6 territories of each colour. These are the territories players will start from. White territories are neutral and are not owned by anybody at the start of the game, but can be conquered by a player. From their own 40 infantry, players will take 8 soldiers and place at least 1 on each of their territories.


Attacking and Defending:

At the start of each turn, a player can take up to 2 new soldiers and place them in any of the territories that the player owns. If a player wishes to attack another territory, they must decide from where they will attack and with how many soldiers they will use. Then they must tell the player who owns the territory that they are attacking, but the defender cannot make any last-minute changes. Also, players can only attack adjacent territories, not ones that are a long way away. Attackers must leave at least 1 soldier behind in the territory they are attacking from.


Attackers use the red dice and defenders use the white dice. Attackers use 1 or 2 dice for 1 or 2 soldiers and 3 dice for 3 or more soldiers. Defenders can only defend with a maximum of 2 soldiers. When the dice are rolled, the higher dice beats the lower dice. For example; An attacker rolls a 3,2,5 and a defender rolls a 1,4. In this example, the attacker has won the `battle`. Dice must be paired up with the lower scoring dice; 5-4 and 2-1. To conquer a territory, all enemy soldiers must be defeated. White territories have 1 defender and any player who is not attacking can roll for that territory. Only attackers can defeat enemy soldiers. Even if a defender rolls dice that is higher then 1,2 or all of the attackers dice, the attacker just moves their soldiers back to the territory they were attacking from.


At the end of a game, the playing pieces can be put back into the included storage boxes, which have a minifigure model on top to show what piece goes where, avoiding loss or mixing up of pieces.


Militarium includes 700 pieces (and 12 minifigures)


Militarium is the Latin word for strategy


Loosely based on the 1959 board game, Risk


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