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LEGO Architecture Grand Central Station


I have noticed the LEGO Architecture series seems lacking in American buildings, only having a few. So I decided to build the most famous train station in the country, possibly even the world (because I am a fan of trains as well). This is my design for Grand Central Station in New York, NY.

It is 3 15/16" tall by 11 1/4" wide by 7 1/2" deep, with the black base and muted color that the Architecture series uses. The set is 283 bricks, two of which have custom printing: The 1x8 nameplate, reading "Grand Central Station" and the 1x1 round tile with a clock face.

The design is not perfectly to scale with the real building, but is scaled around the arches. I hope to improve the design in the future, possibly scaling it to the actual thing instead, so please follow to see more updates.

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