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Star Wars Wildlife Encounters

When mentioned Star Wars, battle scenes and lightsaber fights pops up in most peoples’ minds. However, exotic alien creatures are commonly ignored while many classic scenes are brought out by those creatures. At this moment, please let these creatures tell their own story. 
Eight Star Wars creatures are included, from left to right:
Acklay, Bantha, Happabore, Wampa, Jabba the Hutt, TauntaunRancor.
There are not too many Star Wars creature being turned into LEGO, even if they are published in sets, they are always in special LEGO parts. I want to make all the Star Wras creatures I like into bricks, and they deserve being made more than 5 pieces.
For this project, mini-figures related to each monsters can be added, which can let us simulate classic scene in Star Wars easily. And also, several Star Wars mini-figures in one set can really make it more collectible. 

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