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Lobsters and Hats

“Lobsters and Hats” is the name of this proposal which includes a three-story modular building with two floors for housing and a floor with two businesses, the “Lobster King” seafood restaurant and “The House of Hats”.
The needs of restaurants, fashion and residence increase in Lego city and "Lobster and Hats" is a solution for this situation.

The model has two large furnished apartments with all the necessities. (There is a kitchen on all floors) Spacious rooms and small spaces that make the interior cozy, such as the fireplace, the furniture and the wood tones.

The seafood restaurant is decorated with elements related to the sea and with colors that resemble water, earth and sky. To save space, the seafood restaurant shares a diagonal wall with the hat shop.

The House of Hats is a small and old business where they not only have hats, they also have accessories and backpacks such as bow ties, scarves or suitcases.

A model created with 2998 pieces and that includes 6 minifigures, a dog, a bird and a bike.

Once again and as a lover of LEGO modular buildings, I make my proposal as a fan, to the community and lovers of the Creator Expert theme.
Thank you very much and I hope you like it.

Bricky. B.

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