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Medieval Tavern and Doctor

Hello there, and welcome in medieval Europe!

I'd like to showcase my latest idea, a rustic authentic tavern neighboring a doctors practice.
The set contains 3000 bricks, making it my biggest submission ever!

Not only does the build contain 2 authentic buildings, the scenery also includes a river, a bridge
and an abandoned cemetery on the other side (this means the doctor is doing i great job)

  • 3 storied tavern.
  • Attic with storage.
  • Second floor with kitchen and sleeping quarters.
  • First floor is the dining area.
  • 2 storied doctor's office.
  • Fully equipped practice.
  • Rather sober waiting room and entrance.
  • 2 minifigures, The doctor and the tavern-keeper

I drew inspiration from the Belgian town called "Brugge" and tried to make an authentic scenery, other then that, I needed it to be easily accessible.
This would not only be a great center piece, also a great build, and a great play-set!

I hope you all enjoy this build! and thanks for the support!

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