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The Society of Extraordinary Adventures


The Society of Extraordinary Adventures!

Welcome to the dashing and elegantly exciting past -future-past of steampunk.

Take to the land and air with Lady Mary Hamilton and Nathaniel Wells and their intrepid team of steampunk aeronaut explorers as they seek out new lands and fight strange beasties all before teatime! Travel in style in the latest aeroshippes or perhaps take a ride in a 'Strollometer' or a 'Steam-Wheel'.

The set includes:

8  heroic minifigures and robot 5TMR (5teamer)  - Atticus Black, Lady Mary Hamilton, Nathaniel Wells, Max Von Lesterbrau, Prof. Sparks Farquharson, Lord Pendlebury North and Bartholomew Sands.  

'Lady of the Skies' aeroshippe and transport engine - splits into two vehicles for independent adventures.

Nathaniel's Steam-Wheel - tackle all terrain in this mono wheel explorer

Lady Mary's Phantom 9  - race through the skies in this rocket -powered aerostat

Scotch McDuff's Strollometer - travel in style. Leather seat included!

If you're a lover of steam powered adventures, then a vote would be most appreciated!


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