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Wild West General Store

"Howdy, cowpoke! I see you have been roaming the land for too long and you have run low on supplies. No water in your canteen and only oak cakes for food? Well, no need to worry. Here at the General Store, we stock all sorts of goods from cold beverages to fresh veg. So stop by, the land out here can be real treacherous!"

This modular Wild West General Store has a ton of great details that includes: a hitching post and water bucket for the lonely cowboy's pony, wild livestock eating the forgotten leftovers of the stores produce, a cactus that seemed to have bloomed, tumbleweeds, and an old wagon!

Not to mention the details that litter the interior of the store! When you walk in, a dark orange carpet and the front desk with a cash register greets you. To the right, you will see a cabinet that contains the ower's hunting rifle. While you make your way to the left side of the store, you will notice, Fruit and vegetables on display, a table with magazines on, and a wall shelves that stock everything from perfumes for the lady to fruit juice. To gain access to the inside, you can remove the roof! And the store opens up!

So if you love the wild west or just a fan of the building, please support! Thank you!