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The Donut Theft


A hungry guy is stealing the police officer's donut. It's a huge crime! Catch the thief before he eats the delicious cake! You can chase him with and old, but still cool police car.

My idea includes a realistic, old police car, which features:

  • a roof you can easily remove.
  • two nice printed doors, both opening (please note, that I used stickers on the model).
  • a backseat separated with bars.
  • room for three minifigures.

The idea includes three minifigures: a detective, a police officer and a thief in disguise. They have a light flash skin colour, also for being realistic. The idea includes a STOP sign too.

Background: This car is part of my own Great Vehilces series. When I created this car, my intention was to combine all of the nice details I've seen recently in different LEGO products, and feature them in one idea, with a realistic and fresh appearance. My other thought was to have a non-licenced LEGO set with light flash figs.

Thank you for your feedback and support.

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