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LEGO Disneyland Architecture

08/01/2012: Thank you everyone for the early support! It's greatly appreciated.

Hi! This is a small project I've been working on. I'm not finished with the entire product line yet, but I've finished the Haunted Mansion set.

The Haunted Mansion set will be the primary display for this project for the time being, while I work on the other rides/landmarks of Disneyland.

This product line idea is derived from the LEGO Architecture line, capturing the look and feel of the famous landmarks.

The brick count is at 435.

Built using LEGO Digital Designer.

Please note: I am aware that there is a high number of Disneyland themed projects on CUUSOO at the moment, one of them is even another Architecture idea. I only submit my idea on top of this, due to the fact that the other Architecture project does not have any models to display the idea. I like their idea, clearly, and should you support my project please support theirs as well. Thank you.

A side view of the Haunted Mansion.

Top view from the front of the Mansion.

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