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Old Tractor

It is an old red tractor with a small bucket that attaches and detaches easily from the rear linkage. The elevator is mobile: it goes up and down using the crank. When moved forwards, the left side belt as well as the rear PTO turn thanks to the differential. The belt makes believe that the engine really turns, and the power take-off is used to operate marines, like a mower for example, ... The two front wheels turn using the steering wheel. The driver's seat and levers are reclining. On the hood there is an exhaust pipe and an air filter. On the right side there is a step to access the seat. There are a few accessories: two bales of straw and a hen. I hope you enjoy this project and thank you all. I built this tractor because I particularly like these machines and there are few at LEGO, so it seemed to me a good idea to share with you.

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