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YouTuber Setups: Jack Massey Welsh

Jack Massey Welsh, known commonly online as JackSucksAtLife, is a British YouTuber known for Play Button Collecting, geography knowledge, and car content spanning multiple different channels. This set is a version of his main set-up used in his videos as of late.

I made this set as a tribute to Jack's content, and as to potentially show how a "YouTuber Setups" line could go. I believe that this could be a fantastic set because of the fact that Jack's content is some that anyone could enjoy, no matter the age range.

  • Figures of Jack, Becky (In Traffic Cone costume from Jack Massey Welsh channel), & their dogs, Flossy & Kong
  • A main build of Jack's office (As of 2022)
  • A detachable roof, giving better access to the interior
  • 1x2 transparent brick, with printing of a 100 Million "Red Diamond" Play Button
  • 1x1 brick with printing recreating his Vinyl Figure, which released in 2020
  • Prints of 2 of Jack's official posters
  • A map, representing his JackSucksAtGeography Channel
  • A Plant
  • A miniature version of his pink wrapped car, as seen on his Jack Massey Welsh Channel
  • His rug
  • His desk, with microphone & keyboard
  • His sofa
  • And his "Wall of Awards"

I really do hope that this set can be made one day, and I do have hope that it can. Jack's viewers are notorious for getting channels to 100K Subscribers, so I feel that they could get this project to 10K Supporters, or at least close to there.

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