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Brickheadz: Mr:Gold


This is the Mr.Gold Brickheadz, it is based of the super rare minifure from series ten, Mr.Gold. The Brickheadz has a suit and a top hat , I tried my best to recreate those features.

 The reason why i made this set is because I thought the figure was very unique. I wanted to see the figure in a Brickheadz fashion because I love Brickheadz. I like the thought of a special figure that caputures the Brickheadz essence but has a differentstyle to it, just like the Hedwig and Slimer. The gold pieces have been lacking lately and I wanted to see more gold pieces.

 This would make a good set is because all/most of the gold pieces are the warm gold, so with this set I want to see a variaty of metallic bricks. Another reason is that because the Mr.Gold figure isn't availible any more, I want to give the LEGO community a product that resemble it but keeping the original figure rare.

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