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Sonic The Hedgehog

As Sonic is 23 years old its about time he made his appearance in Lego!!
My idea for Sonic The Hedgehog theme made using LDD
Green Hill Zone (mini stage but you can expand on it)
Would be good if they did a Sonic, Tails and Robotnik Minifig then you could recreate some scenes from the Sonic games!! make your own battles against Dr Robotnik!
More to come! Chemical Plant Zone etc.

13/8/12 - wow! 5 Supporters thanks you! keep them coming!
27/10/12 - 11 supporters! thanks you very much !!
20/11/12 - 16 supporters!! thanks everyone!

Chemical Plant Zone (mini stage)
Abit awkward building this but soon got it right!

Green Hill Zone Boss battle

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