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Star Fox Arwing

This is my LEGO recreation of the Arwing from Star Fox. The Arwing is the main spaceship used by the main cast of protagonists in the video game. I believe Sta rFox is one of Nintendo's best franchises, especially in its older iterations. I have always loved LEGO space and video games, so it seemed like a perfect match for me to build. Most of the building happened over one day. It took me longer to complete because the blue pod things (I don't know what they're supposed to be called, sorry 😐) were a pain to figure out. This was one of my first builds where I tried my best to use some more advanced techniques while also keeping it pretty sturdy. This is one of my favorite LEGO creations and I think it would make a great set. It would help introduce a younger generation to an amazing retro video game and jumpstart their interest into the newer ones.

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