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Balloon Artist and Face Painter Booths

Children are always excited to attend events where they can have their face painted and watch in delight as a balloon is twisted, as if by magic, into their favorite animal. Here at the fairgrounds they can enjoy both of these activities. Minifigures can line up to have their face painted or have The Guy in The Yellow Suit create a beautiful balloon animal for them.

Face Paint designs and Balloon animals are on display in each booth respectively. A hand pump and a sign for Balloon line rules are included with the Balloon Artist booth. Round Split cakes of face paint can be seen at the Face Painting booth.

Children enjoy carnival treats as they eagerly wait in line for their turn.

I used the Lego Digital Designer to create this project and as such was limited to the clothing and colors available in the program. Ideally the Balloon artist would have the yellow toned skin of a traditional Lego minifigure and his outfit would be a yellow suite rather than the plain yellow clothing displayed here. The Face painter would also have a different shirt than the little girl excitedly reaching for her balloon. I drew and uploaded rough pictures of each of these.

This set would be a great play extension to the upcoming Carousel Lego Creator Set as well as the previously released Farris Wheel and Fairground Mixer sets or to your own Carnival/Fair sets. It could also be the beginning of a lovely Farmer's Market or a great way to attract guests to your restaurants and grand openings in Lego City! You might also find these children's entertainers at a local park on a sunny day.

The Guy in The Yellow Suit is in Fact a very talented Balloon Artist and children's entertainer of many talents residing in the United States and I am a Canadian Face Painter and Balloon Artist. I can say for certain that there are many of us out there who would love the have a Balloon Artist and/or Face Painter minifigure of our very own! If you're like us, your support is appreciated :-)

Set Includes:

  • 12 minifigures: Balloon Artist, Face Painter, 5 children (1 boy, 4 girls), 5 parents (3 fathers, 2 mothers)
  • Accessories include: Ice cream, popsicle, pretzel, 2 paintbrushes, 5 sausages (balloons), poodle, Chihuahua, Teddy Bear, Bird, squirrel, balloon pump, face paint cakes, line signage (sticker would be made for this), 8 minifigure heads displaying face paint, yellow basket to hold balloons, 2 large suitcases for the entertainers to pack up when it's time to go!

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