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Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake


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Nancy Drew Mystery #07: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

“Wait… did you say... Ghost Dogs?

Welcome to my latest project, ‘Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake’. If you would like to see this produced as a real LEGO set, click the blue “support” button to your right (Under the project picture). I try my best to reply to everyone, so feel free to leave comments with questions, compliments, or even friendly suggestions.

Case Introduction:

Dear Ned,

Remember Sally McDonald, the woman who took those photos that Dad has up in his office? Well, she just bought a house in Moon Lake, Pennsylvania.

A gangster named Mickey Malone built it back in the 20s as his country getaway {we’re talking major fixer upper}.

 Anyway, last night Sally called and she said she desperately needed my detective skills. She refused to say why over the phone. Naturally I said I’d drive over to Moon Lake immediately. But weird things started happening the moment I pulled up.

First this big tree fell down behind my car and has me totally blocked in. And then I discovered that Sally’s gone!

She left a note that suggested something terrible happens here at night. She’s supposed to call me from her car.

So here I sit, writing to you while I wait for the phone to ring. It’s nighttime, and although part of me is dying to know what frightened Sally away, another part of me is starting to feel a little uneasy. I’ll let you know what happens.

Ever yours, Nancy

Case Plot:

Sally McDonald, a friend of Nancy Drew's father, recently purchased a house on Moon Lake in Pennsylvania. The house is the former residence of a gangster named Mickey Malone. Sally fled from the house in terror on the very night Nancy arrived for a visit. According to Sally, every night a pack of ghost dogs with glowing eyes and mournful howls attack her house. The dogs are believed to be the ghosts of Malone's four loyal Rottweilers. They allegedly vanished into the woods on the day of Malone's arrest and were never seen alive again.

Are the ghostly legends true, and Malone’s dogs have come back to haunt their previous home? Or is there a more flesh and blood answer to the dogs’ haunting howls? Help Nancy Drew find out what’s really going on at Moon Lake,  just don’t let the Ghost Dogs catch your scent!

Project Description:

The Nancy Drew franchise has been around for almost a hundred years, delighting both adults and children alike. I believe the intriguing mysteries would make excellent LEGO sets, and as I have shown above, they could be made with plenty of new figures, functions, and play features, while still maintaining their classic "Nancy Drew" feel.

I made this set with the two most frequently used settings that appear in the game- Mickey Malone's old house, and the secret passages under the house. These passages include the cellar, the secret lounge, and the secret room. (I mean, it just wouldn't be Nancy Drew without secret passages, would it.)

To make this set accurate to the game, I added some pretty cool features. I included a hidden door in the stairs that leads down into the cellar, and from there into the "secret passages". Also, the wooden floor in front of that hidden door is rotten, and has a giant hole in the middle. To avoid falling through the floor when accessing the secret door, a wooden plank can be placed over the hole (Just like in the game). As a bonus, I included the pump that is used in the game.

Another cool feature that I added is the hidden door that leads from the secret lounge, into the secret room.

To make it easy to access the rooms in Malone's house, I made it so the roof and top floor can both be seperately removed, allowing the owner to easily access each room. For even more access, I made it so the back wall can swing open (which really opens the house up).

I did something similar with the secret passages, making it easy to access the inside of this detailed portion. I made it so the front of the secret lounge can open, as well as the back wall of the secret room.

NOTE: There is a chandelier in the kitchen. (Just like the one in the game) You just can't really see it, because it is connected to the ceiling. (You can kind of see it in image 12.)

Set Includes:

  • Mickey Malone's house (Sally's house)
  • The passages under the house
  • 4 very detailed minifigures, and Malone's 4 "Ghost" Rottweilers
  •  Jeff's dog

Minifigures Include:

  • Nancy Drew
  • Emily Griffen
  • Jeff Akers
  • Red Knott
  • Xander (Ghost Dog)
  • Vitus (Ghost Dog)
  • Iggy (Ghost Dog)
  • Lucy (Ghost Dog)

Accessories Include:

  • Nancy's magnifying glass
  • Nancy's suitcase
  • The "Forest Trails" map
  • Two of Sally's sticky notes
  • Two speakers (That can be connected to the front of the house)
  • The wireless speaker remote
  • A large bone
  • Red Knott's camera
  • A small water bucket
  • Mickey Malone's special key
  • A light pink/purple journal
  • A saw
  • A mini hammer
  • A few cups/mugs
  • A cleaner spray bottle
  • A container of bleach
  • 3 pool sticks (To go with the pool table)
  • A banana


Can you solve the mystery?

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Now it's up to you. Please support this and make the dream a reality! Please also invite everyone you know to support it too.

(Posting this on fan websites and sharing it through social media are two things that will really help.)

Every support is needed and appreciated.

I know that if everyone who sees this will support it, it will definitely make it to the review stage.

Thanks, you're amazing!

Best wishes to all,



Below is the official Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake trailer: (If you've never seen a Nancy Drew mystery, this trailer will at least give you an idea of what they're like.) Enjoy! ;)









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