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Fall Guys: Build For All

"Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout flings hordes of contestants together online in a mad dash through round after round of escalating chaos until one victor remains!"- Probably some marketing person... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Fall Guys has taken the world by storm with it's incredibly fun, silly, and accessible gameplay. And with the game just having gone Free To Play and fully Cross Platform, everybody can get in on the fun! Each match of Fall Guys begins with 60 players, and slowly whittles down the pack from round to round, until only one winner remains. With adorable characters, awesome music, and all sorts of crazy challenges, I've been having a blast playing the game, especially with friends, and couldn't help bring my love of the game together with my love of the bricks!

Featured Rounds: See Saw - Dizzy Heights - Gate Crash - Whirlygig

Featured Outfits: Fries - Raptor - LEGO Brick - Undies

About the build...
After discovering all the wacky outfits your 'bean' can rock in-game, I knew it would be awesome to see a LEGO Brick costume, so I quickly got to work on building one. As the build came together, I discovered it had a sort of "skeleton" that would allow for a wide variety of outfits, and once I finished the Brick Costume, I created enough outfits to have a full squad! Each build uses a variety of building techniques to achieve its look, with every character featuring pose-able arms and legs.

So many of the laughs (and tears) from playing the game come from the various rounds, so we've built some of those too! With so many of the levels featuring a wide variety of motion, I couldn't pass up on the chance to make it, so the builds could move as well! Each module can be individually cranked by hand or motorized, but they can also all be connected together and move with a single crank or motor! 

Dimensions: Fall Guys Characters shown range from approximately 10 cm (4") to 12 cm (4.75") in height. Each module is 16x16 studs, making the total build 64 studs long!

Why will this make for a great LEGO set?
One of the reasons Fall Guys has been so wildly popular is that it brings people together, whether through squadding up with your friends online or by sharing in the sheer joy of watching the triumphs and failures of family, friends, and content creators across the world. A LEGO Fall Guys building set would be another great way to bring people together, by sharing in the joy of building their favourite Fall Guys!

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Thanks for checking out this project, I hope to have your support! - BrickinNick

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