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The Wyvern House


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Dear all,

Hope you are well. Let me introduce myself. My name is Samuel Overnight and the building above is home of my family, my wife Sarah and my son Anthony. The building is called The Wyvern House, because of the shield with Wyvern creature  (lets say just one kind of dragon). I believe, that this have to do something with my forefather and a dragon. And with a death. Definitely with a death. Probably with death of the dragon.  And from that time is allowed to my family to have this creature as a symbol. To be honest I haven't seen any dragon in my entire life, I was very excited even when I saw a lizard. But it is a family history, so I'm keeping this shield in his place. Sometimes I can feel the blast of history between these old walls. I‘ll not be surprised, if I‘ll find that someone of my ancestors is buried somewhere in the house. And maybe a little bit scared too. 

Please join me on a tour around the house:

Ground floor with kitchen and living room. 

  • I will highlight perfect espresso machine from Italy. Kitchen is very old fashioned equipped. In the living room is hidden space for miscellaneous tools.In the left side is opening wall for better acess into the interior.

Middle floor with musical lounge room and with Anthony‘s room

  • My son Tony, is passionate pirate captain, he called himself as a Captain Roger aka Redbeard. So his room is, well... you can guess. We love music and we are very happy, that our favourite lounge singer Richard Cheesse, will perform on the soundtrack from The Lego Batman Movie - We create a Richard Cheese Wall as a tribute to him.The front wall is removable.

Upper floor with bedroom and with bathroom

  • Enough space for all our clothes - that's removable wardrobe. Set will include several body parts, to make the play more funny. We need to watch over our cat Ginger, often we can find her in the toilet in the bathroom... For better accessibility you can take off the roof.


  • Great place for summer celebrations and barbecue. There is also entrance to the cellar. Whole garden can be disconnected from the house.


All started when I tried to build a house for my daughters to play with. And after few reconstructions, I realize, that the house could be something more. So I ordered many of new bricks (for the first time I have brown tiles for living room floor) and now you can see the result. The build takes me about half a year (just few hours a day, usually until midnight). I used many of very old bricks, which have gone with me through the my childhood (and unfortunately experienced the sharpness of my teeth – children, do not use your teeth to separate the bricks. Never. No, seriously, DON’T DO IT). 

As an integral part of the house, is the Overnight family. They are fictional, I just wanted to personify the model. My daughters kept asking me about their names, so I create Sam, Sarah and Tony. And Ginger. I hope you will like them also.

Playability of the model is in detail audited by my two daughters (4, 6 years), sometimes maybe little further than needed... My main focus with this build, was to create great toy to play with, not only model on the shelf covered with dust :) 

If you like The Wyvern House and the idea of modular family house, please support & share my project. I will be more than happy for every support. I love LEGO and I am very proud, that I can contribute in The LEGO Ideas project.

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Thank you for your time.


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