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Solo Around the World


Flight Plan Update

It took Zara 155 days to fly around the globe. We have almost reached a fifth of the 10K journey in a month, progress is good!

This is all thanks to everyone who supported the idea. To show my appreciation, I have added details to make the model more realistic: additional markings on the canopy and fuselage, pitot tube under the left wing, spinning propeller disc and a larger plaque with flags and aircraft description.

There is even an easter egg that Zara put on her aircraft. Can you find it? Hint: "Careful where you step".

It is International Women's Day this week so don't hesitate to tell the ladies in your life how strong they are and how much you appreciate them.



1000 supporters!

THANK YOU everyone who supported the project so far.

Wow! First milestone to making this set a reality and a well deserved tribute to Zara and all the people who made her journey possible.

To celebrate reaching 1000 votes, I added the Belgium, UK and Bulgaria flags to the model, as well as Zara's name on the canopy. Let me know in the comments what other details you would like to see in the next update.

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