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Desert Fortress



Hello everyone and welcome to my latest model the Desert Fortress. This is the latest of my castle related builds and allows any of your minifigures to camp and live inside it. It uses some very nice building techniques (like the greebled wall) and has many play features. So please support, follow and comment.

This set has a watchtower to spy from, a ladder that allows you to access both the wall and watchtower and a food storage area that holds a lamp and food. This set includes things like..

. Clever racks on the ceiling of the wall that allow you to hang lamps and bows

. Clever podiums that allow you to store either the minifigure’s bows and arrows or their hair.

. Two beds

. Three lamps

. Two archer minifigures

. One cat

. Three barrels

. One pot

. One pan

. Food items

. One Shield

Thankyou for reading, and if you have read this than it won’t take much more effort to hit the support button. So please do.


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