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Street Sweeper MOC


City Street Sweeper MOC

This MOC utilizes a classic street sweeper design with modern features. It has a parts count of 149 parts. The MOC is unique in that it has details and design elements that mirror real world modern municipal equipment. Brick Choices were optimized to allow room for detail parts. The overall design is pleasing to the eye, and appears as if it would function correctly as a street sweeper.

Balancing Detail, Color and Design, this MOC offers the following details for a mere 149 parts count.

  1. Brush mounted front warning lights.
  2. Overhead mounted night and fog lights.
  3. Cab-mounted rear view mirrors.
  4. uses Cabin entry red anti-slip step plates.
  5. Includes a portable radio.
  6. Includes long range antenna for internal cab radio.
  7. Features a cab mounted horn.
  8. Has a standard modern day fire extinguisher.
  9. Includes rear-mounted caution lights as used by modern municipal equipment.
  10. Features third brake light safety device of modern equipment.
  11. Includes twin, non-synchronous, rear-mounted LED strobe flashers like modern municipal vehicles.
  12. Features Broom and Shovel for hard to reach clean up.
  13. includes modern rear safety bumper.
  14. features rear mounted license plate holder.
  15. Includes complete rear stop and back up lights.
  16. Features a modern, ducted, debrish intake vacuum system.
  17. Includes marker lights at all four corners of vehicle.
  18. Has a rear deck-mounted grill for vacuum exhaust.
  19. Utilizes basic Studs Not On Top Principles.
  20. Moc Color Scheme has been balanced for function, style, variance, and realisim.

I think the Lego City Theme could make use of a street sweeper offering good detail to enhance the overall City life feel.

It is my hopes that you like my design.

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