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Dog Man

From Dav Pilkey's iconic graphic novels, this is Dog Man. Part dog, part man... all hero!
What do kids love (almost) as much as LEGO? Dog Man! I'm an elementary school librarian and mom, and for years, these graphic novels by Dav Pilkey have flown off the shelf and have been a part of our everyday reading rotation. With a film on the horizon and an established fan base, a Dog Man LEGO was bound to be a hit with children, teachers, librarians, and crime fighters around the world!
With memorable characters in a ten-book series, the possibilities to continue building his friends and enemies alike are plentiful. Little Petey, 80-HD, Chief, Flippy, and lots of hot dogs... there are so many options for LEGO fun. This is my first build, and I am looking forward to hearing some feedback and spreading some reading cheer.

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