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The Adventures Club


Welcome to The Adventures Club

Designed for those with an interest in history, adventure, science, and archeology, The Adventure Club is the place where your bravest figures will gather.

Enjoy the main floor, while you discuss your journeys among the clubs priceless artifacts. Recieve messages from afar from the many carrier pigeons that call the club's roof home. Head to the ancient weapons room for some fencing, or plan your next excursion and gather supplies in the basement, but watch out for goblins.

Includes a vehicle for racing your latest discoveries to the nearest museum or university. 

Among the many treasures, the club is proud to display 

  • A mysterious and ancient oil lamp
  • Ancient Greek and Roman shields and swords
  • Revolutionary war artifacts
  • Cleopatra's preserved pet asp
  • An ancient cinnabar coffee table
  • The flag from the famous Black Seas Barracuda
  • Map to the hidden treasure of Forrest Brick
  • And many more 


Designed on the scale of the creator 3 in 1 buildings each floor of The Adventurers Club separates and the whole building opens from the side to create a larger display.

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