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The Grand Aquarium

What is it?
this set is the grand aquarium were family's and friends can spend the day looking and luring about sharks, fish and the sea were you can can play with the min-figures and be the feeder of the sharks or be the children going under the water and looking above to see sharks and fish 
why did i make this?
i made this set because i thought what if we could have a great big set with lots of fish and sharks all in one big tank with staff keeping them well fed and cleaning up the aquarium and having people coming in seeing the fish it could be hours of fun i also thought maybe this set could teach kids things about marine life with a sigh saying a fun fact i was unable to but that on my set but i think it would be a great in the final piece
why would it be a good set?
i think this would be good as a set because it would be very fun to play with and children may learn or want to learn more on fish this would also be good because you can change it up with bricks and pieces of your own at home but if you have no Lego at all it provides a good amount of mini-figures to start you off 
i hope you like this set and if you would like to see this on your local Lego shops shelf or on there website feel free to support this and share with friends and family    

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