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Apple Store (Modular)

I designed this Apple Store a few months back in order to add to the existing list of Lego Modulars. I modeled the exterior based on Apple's Sainte-Catherine store in Montreal. I picked this store because it is beautiful yet can still fit in well with other modulars.

The first floor has the Apple TV and iPods on the right wall, iPhones on the right table, iPads on the left table, and iMacs on the left wall. A large-scale iPhone and iPod nano (with earbuds) sit inside the front windows as advertisements.

The classically-Apple glass staircase leads visitors to the second level, where they will find the Genius Bar, an iPod speaker system display, and a bookcase of accessories.

On the rear exterior sits an added bonus detail: a large billboard which shows a Lego man silhouette in an iPod ad.

See my American Girl Doll Store to see this Apple Store next to another modular.

Also I'd like to note that mine is not the only Apple Store on Cuusoo. Let's support all of the Apple Store designs to ensure that we can get one in production!

Here is the exterior without the glass. Can anyone guess the album cover on the iPod nano in the front window?

Look for the Apple TV box, the Apple TV remote, the iPod nanos, black and white iPhones, the acrylic product description wedges, and the piano-themed wall decor.

Here you can see the black and white iPads, two iMacs (complete with keyboards and Magic Trackpads), colorful wall decor, and the floating glass staircase. Can anybody guess what I was trying to portray in the background images on the iMacs?

The Lego man iPod ad billboard.

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