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Mini Lego Sea Cow


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Ever since I've seen the Lego Movie, something bothers me. There's never been a miniature scale Sea Cow in the likeness of the one used in some scenes of the movie, and I intend to change that. MOCs of it have been extremely hard to find, and few do it justice. I felt I had to create one that seemed to capture the same feel, or vision that the movie gave us. So now we have this. Using Lego Digital Designer, I created a mockup of it to the best of my ability, and it's currently just an idea, given I wasn't able to give the shape and all it's details justice.

This would be a good Lego set due to it's practicality. Everyone loves the near full scale from the Lego Movie sets, but it's extremely impractical for display, requiring a shelf size that's difficult to come by. This is a smaller scale model, which makes it extremely easy to display. Right now it clocks in at 381 pieces, and it contains lots of small details and greebling. It contains a removable section to access the inside of the hull, 5 cannons on either side, openable hatches to access different areas, adjustable sails, as well as a captain's cabin and storage room beneath it. I really hope this becomes a set, and hopefully it could fulfill a niche audience that's difficult with the full scale set. Anyways, let's make this set happen!

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