Product Idea |


It is a robot building hangar where scientists and engineers alike experiment and create a robot with the most cutting edge technology and AI software in the world. I built it because, well... Quite honestly I thought it would look really cool. And I was able to incorporate a ton of detail, especially with the figs. There are robot arms and minifigures alike welding the plating onto the robot, a fully decked out control room complete with a holographic display of the actual robot, where the little scientists can work on it's programming and preparing it for all sorts of disasters where their mighty machine might help better the lives of peoples all around the world. I think this would be a great lego set because there is so much to play and interact with in this scene. Not only do you have mechanical arms and construction lifts to pose and help assemble the robot, but (as said earlier) there is so much to do with the figures. You have welders, analyzers, scientists, and even a little engineer tinkering with one of the machines components.

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