Product Idea

Eiffel Tower Mosiac

Do you love art, architecture and Lego? Well this is the idea for you. My Lego Eiffel Tower mosaic it self is made entirely from plates. The Eiffel Tower is a beautiful architectural wonder designed by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel in 1887 and completed in 1889. The building experience of this model is wonderful. It almost feels like you are painting it yourself. With a good contrast of colors and all of the plates connected to multiple plates and base plates this is a must have for any Lego Art lover. The model it self is able to be hanged on the wall with a simple wire assembly. So it is very stable. 

This model is built from exactly 9098 plates ranging from 1x 1 plates to 4 x 4 plates to 2 x 6 plates. 

I have not built a stand for the model yet, but I may build one later on if this idea get's a good amount of supporters. Thanks for checking out my Lego idea.