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Medieval Castle (Archer's House)


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The archer's house is a small castle and can be called a fortress. When I first conceived it, I made it a part of a large castle. It is a fortress of a large castle, a shelter for archers and a space for life. It is a place where archers who are always vigilant are stationed, and there are only bows, weapons, and soldiers in the castle.
Other necessary elements were made outside a small castle. I wanted to create a large citadel city that ultimately surrounds medieval villages and villages, such as stables, wells, blacksmiths and fields.
It is a space where peaceful daily life and the urgency of the future coexist. It is a scene where archers who stand guard with their eyes flashing, as if training is a real game, are training to move quickly to the watchtower. A ghost appeared on the central watchtower slightly avoiding people's eyes. Did no one see it?
It's a small castle, but when you open it, it looks like a big castle. The main gate has four stories, the central tower has three stories, the outer watchtower has three stories, and the middle watchtower has two stories. You can go up and down using a ladder and stairs.
Outside the castle, you see everyday life, such as cattle-drawn carts, farmers, livestock, and a lady with a bucket. There are stables, blacksmiths, and wells.
It is easy to play by making it possible to separate and combine small areas, and you will be able to make a large castle by combining castles, towers, and buildings.
approximately 2,900 bricks
9 soldiers, 1 farmer, 1 lady and 1 Ghost
domestic animals

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