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The Medieval Fortress (Castle)


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🏰 Come and take refuge in this new stronghold of your medieval village! I am delighted to present the Medieval Fortress set, a LEGO castle that I hope will delight fans.

🔄 The castle has an open back that allows you to discover the interior, but it also opens up and gives you access to many surprises. In addition, the roofs of the small buildings and the floor that covers the main rock are removable.

🧱 The castle has a gloomy basement with jails, a sewer access, a treasure chest and dusty armor. On the main level, the fortress is accessed by a bridge protected by two turrets. Inside the ramparts, there are two shops and an armory; a food storage platform with its crane and finally, a 3-level high keep. The castle is surrounded by a moat in which a small water mill is running and on the edges of which three magnificent fir trees are taking root.

👑 The fortress has eight minifigures: the queen regent, the young king, the head of the guard, an archer, two royal guards, an onlooker and a rogue.

🐎 I love all the stories told with the sets that take place in the medieval period. The castle is kind of the ultimate set when you've already built your village with a blacksmith, a tavern and a mill.

🌲 I wanted to give this project a very aesthetic look with the use of different textures, stone and roof colors. As well as the contribution of vegetation. The set can thus be exposed. The castle is full of details that I am sure will delight people who, like me, like to discover and rediscover their set by exploring it with their eyes.

🪀 I also thought about the playability with the possibility to open the castle and the removability of the different levels. It contains several places and points of interest: a fortress is like a small town. And also 8 figurines to tell a thousand and one stories!

⚔️ The medieval period is a place where the imagination can explode as there are so many mysteries, legends, different cultures... I am excited to dive into this universe and I hope you will too.

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🙏 Thank you all, in advance, for your enthusiasm and for sharing this common passion for LEGO bricks.

👑 One could say, in the context of this set: "Long live the king!" I'll say instead: "Long live the AFOLs!"

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