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Space Express - Tangerine Arrow


This is the Tangerine Arrow, the fastest ship of Space Express fleet.

Need to deliver something on another planet or space base as fast as possible? Choose Space Express, the best delivery service of the galaxy! The fastest ships, the best pilots and the most efficient logistics operators are here! Space Express: deliveries faster than the speed of light!

Main features:

  • Incredibly powerful engines with three turbines and advanced hyperdrive;
  • Slick design;
  • Sturdy structure;
  • Retractable landing gear;
  • Large cargo bay that opens completely;
  • Dedicated logistics station so the best routes can be calculated by the operator and the pilot can focus on flying very, very fast.
  • Minifigures: logistics operator and pilot.

I believe this would be a good set because it has a nice design, it's very playable and can improve LEGO space adventures with space post services.

Thank you!!

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