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Modern Train Station



All board and welcome to the modern train station 

This set will find:

  • a typical building of 3 floors
  • a flashlight(photo 2)
  • antennas in the building(photo 3)
  • a pet shop (photo 4 between the hotel and the train station)
  • a hotel with 2 rooms and a lobby (photo 5 between the pet shop and the bank)
  • also a bank
  • a parking for cars (cars moderns)
  • police ships (photo 6)
  • 2 trains:one for paseegers and another for freight (trains do not have train tracks because the trains are modern and has a jets)
  • it also contains 15 minifigures and 8 pets(photo 7)

There are many reason to suppport me in my project and i want to mention two of them,which is important:

That can play with her thanks having a space behind whre you can play at the train station 

And the second is that passenger train is a classic train mixed with the modern  that are the jets



Originally,i wanted to design a train,but after seeing some trains.I realized that everyone had their train station,so i dedicated myself to creating a train station for my train that i already had.I think it captures the basic of a train station.This set has more 3700 pieces,but i realized that it was to only 3000,so made chances and i am pleased to saythat i am satisfield with the final design.After all,it took approximately 9 months of work and now it has 1300 pieces.

please tell me think what you think in the coments.

Enjoy it !

I hope you liked this project!

I have a fantastic day!

By maestrolego124

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