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Castle Rock

Imagine that you are in a forest. Suddenly the towers of a castle appear. Following the road, at the bottom of the stairway, you end up in a cave, where the entrance to the castle is hidden and not very visible. Here 2 mini-mini-figures stand guard. Inside the castle, with its 5 towers, 2 other mini-mini-figures look out the window. Who knows how long this castle has been here. Perhaps the plants grown on the rock will be able to tell us its story.
The construction of this mini rock mountain begins with the base, in the center the building is empty, there is a structure reinforced with technic pieces, around it the pieces are placed to create the mountain, in the center of the mountain an arch reproduces a cave, it is accessed via an old staircase in the middle of the vegetation, under the cave there is the entrance door to the castle.
At the top of the mountain is the castle, an entrance with grates defend it from intruders. 5 towers complete the castle, 4 smaller external ones, and a large central one.
The set consists of 985 pieces, size: (27.1 x 14.4 x 22.2cm.) (10.7 x 5.7 x 8.8in.)
If you like my project support it, thank you all.

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