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Ratatouille: ReOpen The Doors!


10'000 supporters again - THANK YOU !

Wow ... Just wow. 10'000 supporters.... again!

Here is a sentence that I dreamed I would be able to pronounce one day. But it happened, the second attempt will reach the next review phase. Being an unconditional fan of this cinematographic masterpiece "Ratatouille", I can only be overjoyed to see so many fans gathered around this project.

Resubmitting a project is always challenging since we can disappoint, do worse than the first version... I have to say that I was very afraid to hit the send button for this second version. On the one hand, I was happy to be able to give more credits to the restaurant, but on the other hand, I had to make a lot of concessions regarding the kitchen by removing the mini-rat restaurant and many other details. But in view of the comments, I believe that we managed to do correctly our job while reducing the number of parts.

Many of you may have wondered why we have tried again, with a first refused project. Because we don't like this movie, we love it. Seeing a lego set based on this movie would be a living dream and we just wanted to try it a second time so as not to regret anything.

Unfortunately, the fate of this project is no longer in our hands. Indeed, I must say that it's only the beginning, the review is the ultimate part of the adventure, we can only hope for it to be accepted. Whatever happens to the project, I want to thank you for all your supports and warm comments. Thanks to these two projects, I have been able to evolve and progress in construction techniques and have been able to spend wonderful moments of joy: I think that is the most important thing after all.

If you have to keep only one sentence about this adventure, please remember this: "Believe in magic, and all will be fine."

Best regards,

Thomas (aka Brickproject) & Nicolas (aka Carlierti)

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