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Modular Bank Building

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A typical two story bank with modern and old architectural detailing. Very well detailed around top floor windows, other details including a tubular shaped window, ATMs and a loan withdrawal office. With clips it can fit into all other modular buildings currently in production by Lego (Town Hall, Pet Shop, etc.). Roof details include a skylight and arched parapets. Includes 5 minifigures: Security Guard, Female Bank Worker, Male Bank Worker (x2) and Pedestrian. All minifigures have traditional smile face like all modular buildings. Piece count: 1130.

Each minifigure was carefully chosen and designed to show personality. As you can see, the colour/color scheme of the workers matches the colour/color scheme of the Bank Building.

The ATMs and the logo are basic, however they do the job very nicely. Because of the drawer element used in the ATMs, a minifigure can enter his/her credit card into the machine, and money can be slotted back out. The logo is the simple word 'bank', however to make it more interesting I decided to squish the letters together and add some small details.

The interior on the bottom floor of the bank is very detailed, and includes a waiting area for a money withdrawal (complete with velvet ropes to stop pushing in front in the queue. There is also a grand desk with a loan and a two quill pens opposite some stairs with a dark red banister.

The interior of the top floor. Includes a green and blue rug to make the floor more interesting and indented windows for more detail on both the inside and the outside. Includes two desks for bank workers to change money or write cheques. There is also a tubular shaped window and a large pile of money for the security guard to watch!

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