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Clue Display and Play Board Game


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The classic Whodunnit game is now in LEGO form. This display and play LEGO set includes a replica of Mr. Body’s infamous mansion complete with the classic CLUE game board and characters. Mr. Body’s mansion is built in the Victorian gothic style loosely based on the mansion seen in the 1985 movie version of CLUE. The mansion is complete with all the rooms noted on the game board, as well as contains spaces for storage of all the weapons and characters used throughout the game. The game board easily folds up along the back of the mansion for ease of display when not in use. The total set includes 2100 pieces including the 6 weapons and all 6 original characters.  

I built this set because, as a dad who loves LEGO, I was looking for something that I could display in my home or office, but that I could also use to play with my children. CLUE is a family friendly game for children and parents of all ages to play. Despite my focus on family gatherings, CLUE is a game that is not limited to children, and is played by adults as well. The Victorian gothic style mansion display element also elevates this set from a simple board game into a display piece that works great standing alone or part of a larger village or town set. 

I believe this would make a great LEGO set because it has wide ranging appeal to people of all ages. There are many different versions of CLUE and now it is time to add the LEGO version to the mix.  As with anything in LEGO, the ability to be both a mansion and a board game gives this set infinite ways to be enjoyed by LEGO lovers of all ages and lifestyles. Why keep your board games tucked away in a drawer or closet? This CLUE LEGO set gives you the ability to keep a classic board game ready for use and on display 24/7 as a beautiful Victorian style mansion. 

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