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Little John's Lair


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"Come now forth, Little John, and go to my treasury . . ." (from The Geste of Robin Hood)

This project revolves around Little John, a central figure in the popular ballads of Robin Hood, and presents a riverside lair where he can hide along with several other Merry Men.

This set features a range of features atop a raised baseplate:

A rocky lair which opens up for increased playability to reveal a dining area with gold plates and goblets, a turkey over the fire, and access to some resting areas (as shown in images 7–11)

  • The rocky lair features a ramp and wall which can be moved to reveal the inside, a stone that can be rolled down the ramp (image 2), two fake branches that hide archers in the lair (images 3 & 4), and a hidden compartment for treasure (image 7)

A rope bridge over the river

  • The rope bridge can be collapsed with the help of a lever in the lair (collapse in image 1, and lever in image 10)

A tree trunk and small tree on the other side of the river

  • The tree can be lifted to reveal an archery target and hiding place, and the trunk can be raised to reveal another hiding place (images 5 & 6)

Additional features include an old-fashioned fishing rod and fish, two frogs by the river, and eight minifigures.

The minifigures include (from left to right in image 13): Little John, Gilbert with the White Hand, Alan a Dale, Ellen, Arthur a Bland, Will Stutely, David of Doncaster, and the Sheriff of Nottingham.

You can also see these pictures in better quality through Flickr:

Feel free to add any suggestions or questions in the comments if I missed anything.

This is the second of four planned projects revolving around Robin Hood. The other projects are:


I feel that this would be a great Lego Ideas set since it compliments the Forestmen and Dark Forest lines, while including a rich back story, many different features, and the benefit of updated Lego pieces.

Feel free to share and support if you like this project and would love to see it as a set!

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