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Sad Keanu

Hi Guys! I am a big fan of the Hollywood actor, Keanu Reeves. I like many of his movies such as The Matrix, Point Break, Constantine, etc. He's famous for being a good guy who always extends a helping hand to others. He is also famous for his solo lifestyle which he always chills out alone at parks.

The making of this Sad Keanu LEGO project is inspired by a meme about paparazzi snapping photo of Keanu Reeves who was chilling on a park bench on his own, eating a sandwich in May 2010. This is one of the signature pictures of my favorite actor and therefore I want to bring the "Sad Keanu" to life. 
This project consists of a 1/6 fully actionable Keanu Reeves figure and a park bench on a display base. (Part count of this set: 926pcs)

You may refer to this YouTube video link: 

It can be a child toy as well as an adult collectible. I hope you'd like this idea and give me your support! Please click the support button and share the Sad Keanu set with your friends. You are welcome to leave comments and suggestions for my project. Looking forward to hearing from you :) 

Thank you very much!

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