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Micro Sets - Toy Story Sets


Micro sets are tiny micro build sets based on bigger normal sets in the Lego product line.
These sets are based on actual lego products number: Woody and Buzz to the rescue 7590 and Pizza Planet truck rescue 7598. These sets are designed to be packaged into a small box or a large polybag.
They retain most of the elements found on the regular sets such as the look of the model - but in a smaller package.

Set Includes:

  1. Pizza Planet truck (with interchangeable stud shooter)
  2. RC Car
  3. Woody, Buzz, little green alien micofigures (this set would be better if this had exclusively printed micofigures in the form of the toy story characters - just like the one on the 76042 set)
  4. Hamm the piggy bank and Rex microfigure
  5. 6 pizza studs (this set would be better if they were mini pizzas printed on a 1x1 round disk and shooter be replaced to launch disks)


  1. Pizza Planet truck's rocket can be replaced with a stud shooter which can then mimic the function of pizza shooter from the original 7598 set.
  2. Rc car and the truck can roll around (but no pull back action)


  1. Saves a lot of space
  2. retains some of the play features of the normal big sets, packed into a tiny package
  3. you get 2 sets in 1 box/poly bag
  4. The main reason is Rc car and the Pizza Planet truck are so adorable! 

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