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Discover the beautiful, bright and sunny Lisbon, Portugal's capital through this LEGO set.

This model shows some of Lisbon's historical buildings and features, as well as modern constructions. As a LEGO lover from the 80's, building my own set using the LDD and at the same time doing it as a tribute to my country was a very exciting experience.

For the true architecture lovers, this model will allow you to build one of the most vibrant capitals of Europe and some of its most interesting features.

On an island in the river Tagus you can find the Bugio lighthouse. Crossing the suspended 25 de Abril bridge to the northern bank, you will find Padrão dos Descobrimentos, an historic monument that was built to celebrate portuguese maritime discoveries around the world. Next there is Terreiro do Paço, a beautiful open square, where locals and tourists enjoy the sunshine and river views. Lisbon is also famous for its hills, on this set you will be building Castelo de São Jorge hill and the colourful houses on it. Lastly, Torre Vasco da Gama, one of the tallest buildings in Portugal and also a contemporaneous architectural construction.

Pop on some Fado songs and enjoy this set!

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