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Bionicle: The Return - Emperor of the Great Beings


Tens of thousands of years ago, the Great Beings arrived on a planet they called Spherus Magna. After settling down, they began to create a new race, a people that they could share the beauty with and who can sustain the integrity of the planet. However, as time moved on, the Great Beings lost track of the people, being distracted by their creations, that they decided to create the seven elemental lords. Each of the Lords ruled their own tribe, Fire, Water, Jungle, Sand, Rock, Ice, and Earth. However, these tribes discovered a new element called Energized Protodermis, a powerful substance that can create, change or destroy life forms. It also was a great power source, and upon discovery by the Lord of Ice, was longed for by all Element Lords. But when the Lord of Ice wouldn't share, war broke out.

Despite the Great Beings' pleads for peace, the war grew, until the tension caused the protodermis to explode, creating what is known as the Shattering of Spherus Magna. The Great Beings saw it coming, and created Mata Nui, the Matoran and Toa for the purpose of healing the planet, and evacuated the planet. Just after Mata Nui evacuated the planet, it shattered into three chunks, one large chunk, Bara Magna (a dessert planet), and two smaller chunks, Aqua Magna (a moon completely encased in water), and Bota Magna (a moon covered in vegetation).

The Great Beings monitored the planet from thousands of light years away, so they wouldn't be able to tell until five thousand years after it was finished. When they saw that the planet was healed, they headed home, expecting a healthy, beautiful and welcoming planet to settle on. Well, they got the beautiful part right. But a new war has begun to pollute it. One that can once again destroy the planet, if not stopped.

The Emperor of the Great Beings is unsure of what to do. All this work, all this time spent on rebuilding and restoring Spherus Magna, only for it to end again? To be destroyed as it already once was? Should they go down and end it all? Or should they evacuate the planet, leaving it for its fate?


Normally I would release another chapter of Bionicle: The Return on my Facebook page,, or even put it on my new blog at where I am going to be posting chapters, as well as interviews and reviews of different sets. But this time, I wan't to explain why I post the chapters.

With sets from Bionicle: The Return, I believe it is important for you to get to know the character. You can't just put down how they act, or give details about their history. You need their story. People get a stronger connection with someone they read about in a book then someone giving them a few minor details about the character. Would you rather hear, "George is really shy. The book says his parents were shot in front of him."? Or would you rather read what the scene was like, what they said, what the alley was like, why they were shot. A story tells you more about the character than simple details.

Now yes, I do give details about the characters, but I wouldn't get much attention saying "Go here to read the story." It doesn't catch people's attention, but rather makes people over look the set and pass by, due to lack of information.

So please, go to my blog and read. I'm beginning to post each chapter on there, and I already have the first few on up for your enjoyment. I hope this argument will give you more thought on sets you see on LEGO Ideas, and that it will encourage you to think more about the characters you meet.

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