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In the future...

Due to the lack of energy sources on Earth, the space corporation sends astronaut miners to the planet Gratikal. This planet has a large deposit of plutonium[ which is a nuclear power source]. The miners discover an Alien knighthood threatening to steal all the plutonium and take over the universe with the nuclear power. To keep the aliens at bay and the miners protected, the corporation decides to fight back with astronaut knights, known to the miners as the Astro-Knights!

Meet the Astro-Knights: 

Richard: [Red] Team leader and bravest, Richard pilots the transport rover.

Jake: [Orange] Rookie on his first mission, Jake often gets the team into trouble wanting adventure.

Tarneed: [Yellow] Alien from Kosinate, he's the brains on the team.

Blaine: [Green] Head firepower and weapon specialist, He loves anything that goes boom, pow, or zap!

Eugene: [Blue] Scientist and technology expert, He can take a computer apart and put it back together with his eyes closed.

Maria: [Purple]  Co-pilot of the rover, She tries to prove herself to the other Knights.

Dusark: [alien] trying to steal plutonium to fund his campaign to take over the galaxy.



The Transport Rover has movable catapults, firing electro-cannons, and a storage area, The mining vehicle has a moving crane with a plutonium canaster, the Knight hovercraft has two launching catapults, and the Alien stinger ship has a movable stinger.


Each knight has a helmet with plumes, electro-swords and movable visors[see photos]. The aliens have electro-swords and unique torso's, And the two miners have classic space outfits.

[total pieces is 461 bricks with minifigures.]

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