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Naruto: Attack of the Nine Tails

Naruto is one of the popular anime in the shounen genre, which hooked everyone who watched or read it. 
The theme of the set was not chosen by chance. 
This scene is the opening for the whole work, and it is emotionally very strong, as it is closely intertwined with the fate of the main character - Uzumaki Naruto.

The set consists of about 2160 pieces, and includes the strongest tailed beast, the nine-tailed fox Kurama. 
I tried to make the set as flexible as possible so that every element can be moved - opening mouth, moving ears, paws and tails.

In addition to the fox, I have designed 3 custom minifigures for the set, including:
- Minato Namikaze
- Kushina Uzumaki
- Tobi (Obito Uchiha)

The Kushina minifigure has two faces with different expressions, and the other minifigures include personalized accessories.

I would appreciate your support!

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