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Morning Talk Show


Hello! this is my idea of a Lego morning talk show. I think that it would make a great Lego set because I have never seen any Lego set that has been simple easy and has not too many pieces so you can buy it for a cheap price. 

What inspired me to make this project was one day I was looking at images of what people wanted to build for a Lego sets and I saw this one that was of a club and I don't know how but it inspired me to make a talk show. I got to work right away and before I knew it I had a morning talk show at one point I thought that I didn't have enough pieces for it to become an actual Lego set so I added the cameras,lights, and   the the makeup room.

My model includes two cameras two lighting fixtures two rooms :one talk show room and one makeup room and a microphone stick and microphone.

If you like my product please supported I'll be making more in the future. 

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