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4-2-2 Caricature Steamer


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Hello, everyone! This is a LEGO steam locomotive, but not a typical one. Usually, I build fully-functioning LEGO steam locomotives that look,perhaps, semi-realistic. On the contrary, this model is a non-powered locomotive built from my imagination.

The Caricature Steamer, as I like to call it, is 228 pieces. Its wheel-arrangement is 4-2-2, meaning that there are four leading wheels, two drive wheels, and two trailing wheels. Inside the cab is a lever, a valve, and some pressure gauges. As far as features go, there is a rather large smoke stack, a strangley positioned pair of front lights, an unusual whistle, werid sand domes, and an overall unorthodox color-scheme.

The main action features in this little project are the coupling rods and the four leading wheels. As usual, the coupling rods can be moved by rotating the two drive wheels, and the piston mechanism will be triggered. However, the more interesting feature is the rotation of the four lead wheels. The four frontal wheels are built in such a way where the locomotive will be able to steer in any direction without any trouble or derailment.

Thank you for viewing this project! If you have any suggestions or ideas you want to give to me, please leave a comment. Have a great day, everyone, and take care! Project built by Joseph cheeseinthepie. 9/3/2019

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